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The Mission of the California Hepatitis Resource Center (CHRC) is to host a virtual knowledge portal on viral hepatitis, identifying stat and national resources for service providers and those who are infected and affected by hepatitis.  More >

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Our 2004 Summit was a success thanks to your participation and support! For those unable to join us this year we are busy preparing the 2004 Summit highlights for publication on our website. Check back with us here and in the meantime enjoy your visit to our website. 

HFI Chairwoman
Thelma Thiel

Peginterferon and Ribavirin Combination Appears Promising for Those with HIV and HCV

Two Young Scientists Receive HFIs Research Awards
 — Focus on Hepatitis B and C

The Hepatitis Foundation International Board of Directors approved research applications from two young research scientists to expand the understanding of the epidemiology of hepatitis B and  C.

HCV Killer Cells Linked to Genes
In a study to be published in Science online Aug. 6, researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that genes involved in suppressing the body's defensive "killer" immune cells are a potential key factor in spontaneous recovery from hepatitis C.

Kudos for HFIs Training of Drug Abuse Counselors
A three hour liver wellness training workshop for 37 Chicago substance abuse counselors revealed participant’s gaps in basic knowledge about the liver and its affect on daily quality of life. A hepatitis and liver wellness knowledge assessment survey was conducted prior to and after the session.

Following the training session presented  by Thelma King Thiel, CEO of HFI, Dr. David G. Ostrow, MD, PhD, an addictionologist commented, “Your inspirational advice and videos were all rated highly by the participants and, in particular, they appreciated your cultural sensitivity.”

Eighty-nine percent of attendees reported that the effectiveness of Ms. Thiel’s liver wellness approach and communication techniques was extremely relevant or very relevant to their clinical practice. Ninety-seven percent of participants reported that they learned something new about the liver from the workshop. Sixty- six percent of participants were unaware that the liver functions to provide energy and many life preserving activities essential to daily living. The counselors reported that they were most impressed to learn that viral hepatitis is both easily transmitted and easily prevented. Seventy- nine percent of the counselors indicated that the information presented caused them concern that they or a loved one could have unknowingly been exposed to viral hepatitis. Eighty-seven percent expressed interest in a hepatitis B vaccination for themselves or their family members to protect them form contracting this highly infectious virus.

Counselors indicated that all of the information presented at the workshop would be helpful to them in dealing with their clients. When asked if they would share the information that they learned at the workshop, one hundred percent of the workshop participants said “yes”. For information about HFI’s Train-the-Trainer program call 800-891-0707.

Hepatitis C and Complementary and Alternative Medicine: 2003 Update answers some frequently asked questions on hepatitis C and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), reviews findings from scientific research on some dietary supplements that have been used as CAM treatments for hepatitis C (milk thistle, licorice root, ginseng, thymus extract, schisandra, and colloidal silver), and suggests sources for further information.
This report is available on NCCAM's Web site at http://nccam.nih.gov/health/hepatitisc/ or by contacting NCCAM's Information Clearinghouse at (888) 644-6226.

Hepatitis Foundation International unveils Heplink, a new web site providing deep web search portal on topics of interest to you on viral hepatitis.

News and Medical Updates on Hepatitis from the AASLD 2003 Meetings.  Visit HCV Advocate now!

January 8, 2004, Nutley, N.J. --  Roche announces the FDA approval of the availability of Pegasys in a pre-filled syringe.

November 26, 2003 -- The results of a study on the environmental stability of hcv infected blood outside the body begin to shed light on a very important questions asked by patients and providers.

November 14, 2003, Pasadena, CA -- An abstract was presented by Myron Tong, M.D., et al on the results of a Continuous Pump Infusion of Consensus Interferon in Non-responders to HCV Therapy.

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