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The building of available lists of resources and contacts is a community project. We encourage you to provide resources that would be helpful to this community by submitting to our webmaster.  [Back to Map]

It is recommended that you make a telephone call to the organization listed to inquire about specific services and costs before driving to the clinic.  Each county and respective service organizations will differ in what they can provide, at what cost, and may be designated to serve specific risk groups, as an example.

The Butte County Public Health Department directs many health related programs including environmental health, animal control, chronic disease control, maternal and child health, public health laboratory, communicable disease control, nursing and clinic services, and health promotion and education

Clinic Services  891-2731
Public Health Nursing  891-2731
Health Education  895-6565 / 1-877-STD-INFO
Laboratory   891-2747
Women, Infants & Children (WIC)  891-2767
California Children Services (CCS)  895-6546
Environmental Health  891-2727
Animal Control  891-2907
Butte Community Employment Clinic  879-3665

Support Groups

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