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We are fortunate in California to have so many specialists helping people with viral hepatitis. However, as individuals searching, finding a doctor can sometimes be very frustrating. Often a patient will visit or have a consult with more than one physician before settling in for the longer haul. With the large presence of managed care in California, sometimes we as the consumer or patient feel that we are limited in our choices. However, there are some excellent services and providers within these systems, Veteran clinics and hospitals, university medical centers, and private practices throughout California.

It is important to do your homework before selecting your physician. Prepare a list of questions, things that are important to you as a patient working as a team with a physician. You may want to explore the recommendation of a friend or relative. It may also be important for you to locate a physician in a university medical center setting for a second opinion or consult. Whatever your plan is for comfort and good care, do not be hesitant – you are #1!

The following information may be some helpful resources for you to explore:

The California Hepatitis Resource Center is accumulating recommendations to post on this web site as a California Physician Directory. Please send us information if you are a provider or if you are a consumer and would like others to know about a viral hepatitis specialist.

The Health Pages is an excellent web site to help you locate various pieces of information about medical care and providers 

  • Locate a physician specifically in California by specialty (gastro, internist, etc)

  • Narrow selection by various options such as driving distance, your zip code, gender preference, board certification

  • Determine health insurance coverage status for that provider

If you are in a Managed Care or HMO program, you would read the Complete Guide to Managed Care to help you with your homework on how to more efficiently maneuver through these often confusing systems. You can even compare the difference programs in different regions.

The Doctor Directory is an excellent web site that allows you to look for a physician by specialty in California and by city.

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