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A list of risk factors has been established and published by the California Department of Veterans Affairs.  If you have any of these risk factors, and are a veteran, please contact your local VA Clinic to inquire about a blood test for the hepatitis C virus.



It is not easy to receive a diagnosis of chronic hepatitis C. There are many issues to think about such as communicating with family and friends, and determining the status of your own health.

Here might be some important information for you to hear and think about:

  1. You are not alone with this disease. Over 4 million Americans are expected to have been infected with hepatitis and C, with over 2.7 million Americans chronically infected. 

  2. The disease is typically slow in progression. This means that you can spend time finding a physician to work with you, develop a health plan, find a support group, and very significantly, learn about hepatitis C, your personal health with the disease and all of your options.

  3. If you have medical insurance (or life insurance), it is advisable not to give it up if at all possible. Medical insurance is not very available at all for patients who are seeking private policies outside of group insurance. If you have a private policy currently, hang on to it. Do your homework before making any changes.

  1. Many people in the general public do not understand hepatitis. Cautiously decide who to tell about your hepatitis status. Remember, you are not your disease. However, always inform your medical providers and those persons with whom you have intimate contact.

A very good paperback book to read and include in your personal library is Living with Hepatitis C, A Survivor’s Guide. You can find this book in a local book store, public library, or through on-line book stores like Amazon.com. There are many, many resources available to you as a patient for educational purposes. The California Hepatitis Resource Center is one educational forum that should help you find many things. Please look at all of the sections on this web site. Learning all about you and your health concern is vital.

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