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In 1998, Senator Polanco authored Senate Bill 694, the "Hepatitis C Education, Screening, and Treatment Act" placed California at the forefront in recognizing the severity of this disease. With overwhelming bipartisan support, SB 694 was signed into law by Governor Pete Wilson. During the 1999-2000 legislative session, SB 1256 was signed into law funding $1.5 million dollars to help in the fight against hepatitis C.



Legislative activity around viral hepatitis is taking place around the country. Unfortunately, in many cases, serious funding deficits remain and services and access to medical care have been problematic.

To review all California Legislative Bills:

A web site link has been provided to the California Legislative Information web site. You can view Bills based on keyword references, such as hepatitis B, or you can directly search by Bill number if known. The Once the information is retrieved online for you based on your request, you can view the status and history of the Bill, to name a few.

To locate names and contact information of your elected officials:

Everyone is needed to participate to create change. Write to your legislator. Ask for help. Tell him/her your story. To find the names and addresses of your representatives, visit the Congress.org web site for instructions.

To see photos, write direct email, and view website of your elected officials:

If you would like to see photos of California representatives with an automatic email for you to send letter directly to the person, visit this web site for easy to understand instructions. You will also be provided with a direct link to each representative’s web site.

To understand the important points to writing an effective letter to your elected official:

This link will provide you with 8 steps to writing an effective letter to your elected officials.

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