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Drug Reimbursement Programs may be available to you if you cannot afford treatment and qualify.  For more information, contact:

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One of the largest challenges we face is being diagnosed with a chronic illness and making certain that we have enough resources to cover the costs of our care for our lifetime. Once diagnosed with hepatitis C, we become insurance "high-risk" individuals and costs increase and accessibility becomes more limited.

Jane Brewer, high-risk insurance expert says, "There are laws that increase options for those at high-risk."

It is very important that you understand the various options and limitations before making job or insurance plan changes. If you are uninsured, research options available to you through local university medical center settings and with the local county health department, and seek information on medicare, medi-cal, and individual policy possibilities.

In California, we are making stronger statements now more than ever about health care. These are positive things!

Laws That Increase Options for Those at High Risk
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)



  • HIPAA Guarantee Issue

  • Major Risk Medical Insurance Program

  • Medicare Disability

  • Specialty Care-AB 1181

  • Group Coverage/Part-time Employees-SB 1790, Chapter 418

  • New Managed Care Regulatory Agency-AB 78

  • Independent External Review-AB 55

  • HMO Liability-SB 21

  • Second Opinion-AB 12

  • HIPAA Tiered Rating Structure-SB 265

  • Mental Health Parity-AB 88

  • Drug Formulary Disclosure Laws

Medical Insurance Links
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)

  • insure.com - health insurance - Know your COBRA rights

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