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Treatment Category:

Question: My husband has been diagnosed with hepatitis C. He has been 1
month into rebetol and peg-interferon therapy. At 4 weeks into treatment
his alpha-fetoprotein level has jumped from 800 to 1200 with the norms
being at 400. Could this increase from 800 to 1200 have anything to do
with the absorption of the therapy at 4 weeks? Interferon Dosage is .4ml a week. Rebetol is 5 a day.

Answer:  It is unlikely that the increase in AFP from 800 (prior to beginning interferon+ribavirin treatment) to 1200 (1 month after starting treatment) is due to treatment with interferon+ribavirin.   In most patients, AFP decreases during treatment with interferon+ribavirin.   I would be concerned about liver cancer in this patient.   Talk with a gastroenterologists about tests for the diagnosis of liver cancer.  Also, repeat the AFP blood tests.

Transmission Category:

Question: Hello.  Here's a silly story, but it concerns me: one night, a
few buddies and I had a little too much to drink.  One buddy of mine was
so drunk that he told a "dark" secret.  Realizing it, he asked all
of us to cut our finger and sign in blood never to tell anybody.  Knowing
that none of my buddies are HIV positive, I wasn't concerned so I decided
to go along with the stupid plan.  The next morning I realized that it
could be possible that Hepatitis C got transmitted to me.  I had been
concerned while doing it, so before I cut myself I put some rubbing
alcohol on it (not sure what percent, it wasn't mine).    Could that have
lowered my risk, and is this a necessary situation where I should get
tested for it?    Thank you very much, I hope to hear from you soon.

Answer: Rubbing alcohol probably did not lower your chance of getting hepatitis C.  How long has it been since this happened?   If it has been at least 6 months, then get tested for hepatitis C.   Blood tests you might consider getting are hepatitis C antibody, hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis C PCR, ALT and AST.

General Hepatitis Category:

Question: My Step- father just passed away. I just found out that in
during hospitalization in '96 it was found that he had 'gangrenous
hepatitis'. He was a heavy drinker, and the coroners report told of how he
had cirrhosis of the liver. My mother was tested in '98 for various
diseases and did not have hepatitis. They were married for many years, and
have kids. They got divorced around 1998.  My question is what kind of hepatitis does this information suggest?

Answer: I don't know what type of hepatitis is suggested by "gangrenous hepatitis."   Try to get a copy of the medical records of the step-father and take the medical records to a doctor to look at. [Sorry, this question was not able to be answered based on information provided] 

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Important Drug Alert
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California Medical Insurance and Access Resources
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California Non-Profit Organizations
All Viral Hepatitis:
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    Northern California, San Francisco

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Hepatitis C:
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CME Online Courses
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Hep C
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HIV/HCV/HBV Coinfected Population:
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Immunization and Prevention:
  • All Kids Count (AKC)

  • CDC Immunization Hotline
    1-800-232-2522 (English) 1-800-232-0233 (Spanish)

  • Immunization Action Coalition

  • Stop Hepatitis A and B

Liver Transplantation:
  • All About Transplantation and Donation

  • California Coalition on Donation
    (Northern CA)
    Mary Wallace: 510-273-6740

  • California Coalition on Donation - San Diego 
    Sharie Shipley: 619-521-1983

  • California Coalition on Donation - Southern California 
    Gloria Bohrer: 858-756-3136

  • California Transplant Donor Network

  • Transplant Awareness, Inc.
    Promotional items and slogans to promote organ and tissue donation

  • TRIO – Transplant Recipients International Organization

  • TRIO Chapter California: San Francisco Bay Area 

  • TRIO Chapter California San Francisco

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National Organizations:
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Nutrition Help:
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Organizations of Interest to Providers:
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  • American Medical Association (AMA)

  • American College of Gastroenterology (ACG)

  • American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA)

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Hepatitis B Foundation

  • Hepatitis Foundation International

  • Immunization Action Coalition

  • Board of Registered Nursing State of California

Other Organizations:
  • The Hemophilia Council of California

Prisons/Inmates/Correctional Officers
  • Viral Hepatitis and the Criminal Justice System
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Substance Abuse:
  • Access to Sterile Syringes
    Fact Sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Prevention Approaches and IDUs
    Overview of the comprehensive approach advocated by the CDC for prevention programs working with IDUs and their sex partners
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Training and Educational Materials for Providers:
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  • Center for Minority Veterans
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  • Center for Women Veterans

  • Department of Veterans Affairs National Hepatitis C Program
    An excellent web site with resources for providers and patients covering latest news, research, and treatment programs

  • Hep C Vets
    General information for veterans on hepatitis C

  • Homelessness in Veterans
    Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Veterans Helping Veterans with Hepatitis
    Information for active and retired veterans on hepatitis; assistance in filing VA claims, links to VA sites and email addresses


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