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Hepatitis Resource Center


Hand Hygiene in Your Health Care Facility
Complete program with posters, buttons and Fact Sheets
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Hepatitis C – What Clinicians and Other Professionals Need to Know
On-Line Training Course
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Viral Hepatitis Curriculum for Corrections Facilities
National Commission on Correctional Health Care

Video - The Invisible Threat
Adult Audience, Promotes prevention of hepatitis B, C, substance abuse and HIV. Covers cirrhosis and hepatitis transmission. Also available in: Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese
Hepatitis Foundation International

Video - Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself
Appropriate for youth/teen audience. Promotes taking responsibility for one's own health care. Identifies risky behaviors and liver-damaging activities. Hepatitis Foundation International

Video – Silent Stalker
Appropriate for all audiences of any age. Teaches how hepatitis causes liver damage, transmission modes, and identifies high-risk behaviors.
Hepatitis Foundation International

Hepatitis B and You
A computerized PowerPoint health education program for use by public health and other health professionals on HBV and pregnant women
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Slide Sets on Viral Hepatitis A-E
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"Flow" – An instructional kit on Organ Donor Awareness for use in corporations and classrooms
The James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness

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